by Lee Barry



released January 1, 1997



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Lee Barry Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Sounding Stone
Sounding Stone

the surface of the stone
and below its craggy face,
lies the man I want to know
the lines I want to trace.
sounding stone,
made of bone or ivory
makes a tone,
in a form that rings so timely
cairn of quartz and cinnabar,
across the rough terrain
opens in the distance,
at the end of lonely plains.
Track Name: Embrace Denial
Lyrics: Wendy Gardner

Truth tripped lightly from your teasing lips
But your dancing eyes, my heart beguiled
Not off and running from your cutting quips
Instead I opened to embrace denial

Trust slipped slightly to your waiting arms
While you're holding me, I'm fooled by style
Now lost and stumbling from your suspect charms
My heart keeps hoping
I embrace denial

Embrace denial, draw it ever so close
Embrace denial, flesh the elusive ghost
Your liveliness, it deadens the pain
Charmed by your voice, I miss the refrain
Embrace denial

Shame grips tightly when I face my lies
My deluded heart can't bear the trial
My gaze returning to your dancing eyes
Can I be coping to embrace denial
Track Name: Threads
I fish for answers to questions
Floating in the salty seas
Soon to be devoured
By the hungry ocean waves

Exploring the dark cloud of yesterday
That hangs above my head
No silver lining or gold lame
Only frayed and hanging threads

Threads will take me places
Where every soul is strange
Looking puzzled at the faces
Not connected with any name
Always looking through the veil
Obscuring what is real
What I seek I find again
Such a bargain, such a steal

The road goes on forever
Sometimes it's a maze
It brings me back to the place I love
Like a repeating favorite phrase
Hot rubber spins the gravel
On the highway to the sea
Where I go to find the answers
How my life must truly be

Threads will weave the fabric
To keep our bodies warm
Cut from the same cloth
As the day we were born
But bias and prejudice
Is so dyed in the wool
Now will not help us
When the glass is not so full

Threads will take us places
We've never been before
Tying all our thoughts together
Like they've never been tied before
But threads will also bundle
Into nasty little knots
A reminder of the prospect
Of the danger we forgot

Threads will hold us together
Threads will keep us from falling apart
Threads will hold us together
Track Name: Building a Life (Demo)
No lyrics yet. Contact me about submitting them.
Track Name: Hot New Earth
Visionary art
Culture create
Useful technology
For the man or the ape?
Weaving the cloth that keeps us warm
Leaving the land so trashed and worn

The balance of soul
To the roots in the land
To the gothic cathedrals
Where the masses band
The song and dance of the social norm
Is now the slam dunk of the antisocial porn

In a hot new earth
In a cold cold sweat
Hot new earth
Meets a cold cold death
Force times velocity
Will give us power
In a hot new earth
Hot new earth

Overrated human
The master of slaves
Never the spiritual
Just material craves
A culture to integrate that math with the art
Scientifically ignorant?
Man is too smart!


Removal of skin
The raising of the sea
Take away the trees
The means for recovery
Poison pills for a feverish child
Cure the ills
Before it dies

Track Name: Backwater
Slide on in
See how the swamp snakes smile
Slide on in

Listen hear the herons when they croak
So few pennies here everyone is broke
Listen hear the turtles as they snap
Hooks may feed you lines
But hearts will feel the traps

(Repeat Chorus)

Listen hear the hissing of the snake
No one sheds a tear for spirits as they break
Listen hear the barking of the hound
Must've treed a 'coon there's hunger in its sound

(Repeat Chorus)

Dead ends, where the herons broken croak
Drowns out the uttered cries what feeble words we spoke
Dead ends, watch the turtles as they snap
Breaking out the lines setting their own hidden traps

Dead ends, see the red eyes of the snake
Cannot shed a tear beneath its gaze it waits
Dead ends, stills the barking of the hound
Ate by a crocodile that heard its hungry sound

(Repeat Chorus & Fade)
Track Name: Heloise
Heloise (Peter Abelard)

(See sheet music for chords)

Mounting clouds of heart's affiiction
Dim my happy star
Laughter on my lips were fiction
Such my sorrows are

She, the flowering spray

Gladdening my heart, the nearest
Friend of all I count my dearest
She is stolen away

She when maidens dance love's dances
Puts the rest to shame
Phoebus' glorious light enhances
Her celestial name

She, the flowering spray

Heavenly lights her eyes
Ever her I cherish
Not to cherish were to perish
Nothing else I prize

Now I seek with eyelids swollen
Hours for lonely grief
I who, thanks to night have stolen
Kisses like a thief

She, the flowering spray

Dear lips, now long gone
How the spice of your caresses
Once perfumed my heart's recesses
Sweet as cinnamon

Time wears on, and hope receding
Yields no comfort yet
Youth to age is ever speeding
Ageless is regret

Our division seems
Sure to last till sad disunion
Blights our love, and love's communion
Fades like fading dreams

She, the flowering spray
Track Name: Back To Egypt
Cold desert of the moon
Crude oil of the sand
Whatever time is left
Is at the maker's hand

Back to Egypt
Where the hot wind blows
Back to Egypt
A place where the spirits rose

The spinning hands of time
Sand in the hour glass
It's the last and final straw
That broke the camel's back

Back to Egypt
Where the hot wind blows
Back to Egypt
A place where the spirits rose

The victorious city
Great serpent lying beside the Nile
The images in Memphis
Are something to admire